Welcome, Galactic Traveler, to the Babelverse! You have arrived at the ultimate interstellar destination where the Babelfish Money Protocol and Crypto-Gaming collide to form a highly improbable creation of who knows what.

We haven’t the foggiest idea what we are building. Honestly! We’d bet you a zog-gnat’s nipple we truly have no idea. Apparently some mindless jerk has electronically traumatized two lumps of the game designer’s cerebellum. Hey man, that’s okay! Perhaps he’s one cool frood that really knows where his towel is at. Nevertheless, to keep the ideas moving, we are fumbling forward with a foretaste of things to come.

Traal Invaders

Slappy Fish

Babel Runner


Commencing with the innovation of simple games any strag would never want to play and surreptitiously moving rapidly to something seemingly close to what any simian would think far more entertaining than staring at a digital watch, we are sussing out the improbability coordinates that will hopefully fund an immersive Babelverse experience that includes intergalactic fun, games, loot drops, bounties, and rewards.

If you’d like to hitch a ride not just on any crypto-saucer to arrive at this highly unlikely destination, it’s time to buy some FISH and stop getting stuck with a billion Flainian Pobble Beads. Of course, you could sass some teaser instead to get free lifts about the universe but why in the name of Zarquon would you want to do that?

Connect your Wallet, Buy Fish, play a game or two, then hold on to your brass Brazilian Hamstaggers (and your dear life) to see what comes next. You just might gain more loot then a band of drunken astro-engineers that no one ever wants to invite to a flying party.

Learn more about the Babelfish Protocol.